The warranty is valid from the purchasing date of the product and must be proven by the receipt (invoice, receipt or any document that unequivocally identifies the purchasing date as for example, payment through MAC card or credit card), issued by the person selling the item.

The interventions carried out under warranty do not extend the duration of the warranty which is still of two years from the purchasing date.
The product must not have been modified and/or changed: the presence of non-original accessories and/or any, even small, changes to the product, entail the immediate cancellation of the warranty terms and the release of any responsibilities on SK Sport Pte Ltd behalf.

The warranty is void when:

  • - The product has been modified, poorly painted, decorated with stickers;
  • - Original parts have been replaced with other parts.

The warranty does not cover damages resulting from:

  • - Incorrect use or non-compliant with the recommendations and requirements indicated in the user manual of each helmet;
  • - Ordinary wear of the product;
  • - Repairs made by the customers or third parties or by personnel not belonging to SK Sport Pte Ltd Staff;
  • - Incorrect use of the product and/or use of the product in situations that do not comply with the purposes the product 
  •   has been designed for or with the modalities indicated in the user manual of each helmet.


SK Sport Pte Ltd guarantees exclusively the helmet and its components for a period of two years from the purchasing date as regards conformity defects. SK Sport Pte Ltd undertakes to repair the defective product (or one of its part) or to replace it (at SK Sport Pte Ltd’s discretion), with no extra charge for the parts and the labour.

The warranty does not cover the alterations of the painted surfaces resulting from natural wear and tear phenomena (effect of sunlight, vapours, detergents, crashes, scratches).